Hakim-Tigi Tigi

tigi-tigi: First bursting onto the scene in 1991, Hakim over the last decade has become one of Egypt’s top sha’abi performers, selling millions of cassettes and commanding high prices for playing at Cairo’s five-star weddings. (Egyptian musicians make their real money playing the wedding circuit, since cassettes are sold at cheap prices and are pirated on a massive scale.)

howa dah:Hakim’s brand of music is often referred to as “pop” or “modern” sha’abi. It is rooted in the sha’abi (literally, “popular”) music that emerged out of Egypt’s working class and popular districts in the sixties and seventies. Sha’abi is firmly grounded in Egypt’s folk traditions, but the rhythms are sped-up, the vocals are powerful and raucous, and the lyrics deal with everyday urban concerns and are loaded with street slang. Sha’abi is the prototypical music blaring from Cairo’s minibuses. Hakim’s sha’abi is “pop” by virtue of the fact that it has crossed over and been sweetened with romantic sentiment.  (review by ted swedenburg)

Hakim-Tigi Tigi Album (Click here for Download)


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